Empfohlen [FBM-Team] J&M 1000 ÜLW dynamicHoses 1.0.0

[FBM-Team] J&M 1000 ÜLW dynamicHoses

Giants Software GmbH

Publisher: Forbidden-Mods.de 
Edit Ls17: Der Tester FBM



Überladewagen von J&M mit 34000 Liter Ladevolumen

Eigene Schemas, Decals, Texturen und Coronas

Dynamic Hoses

Normale und Zwillingsbereifung


Tool Camera verbaut (mit der standard Taste C durchschalten)

Ein Mega Danke an Ahran für die Deichsel überarbeitung


  • Version 1.0.0

  • Great grain bin with the dynamic hoses. Bur I've got a full time yellow/orange "shadow light" all over the grain bin and it light up all around. It should be great also to have the option to buy it with green authentic J&M livery ;)
    • Hallo martyc, first THX.
      Second, i think you do not have the LightAddon in your Mods folder then it should no longer be permanent.
      The Option to buy with authentic green maybe red too, schould not be a problem for the next version ;)
    • Thanks a lot ! didn't remember I had to put the lightaddon mod. I really enjoy that mod with dual tires. Next version could be great in green/red liveries with if possible an option to remove the european stripped red-white warning plates at rear when with duals. (U.S. config) :)
  • wo gibs den new holland