Calvary Hill Season 1.0.0

Calvary Hill Season

Author LordFoul69

My first map, "God's Country" was a learning experiance that made me very happy.

Hopefully this one will make others happy.

Personally I think it beautiful but I'm biased. Its definitely more efficient.

Though Jesus was perfect, I'm not so any constructive critisiam will be welcome.

Hatefull comments not so much but, infamy is better than anonymity.

The barrels, boxes and pallets don't auto sell so there is a skidsteer provided and a close sell point if you wish to use the woodworks.

I feel if everything is automated, whats the point of playing the game.

If you want automation, drop your logs off at Rebecca's tables or the saw mill.

If something dosen't work or you find a floating bush...let me know specifics such as near field 23 near such.

I want it to be as good as possible so users will get as much pleasure from playing it as I have creating it. God bless.


Seasons ready
Greenhouse production by Stevie
Soymilk production by slowtide63
KevinK98's Sawmill
Farmer Andy's Seedmaster
Farmer Andy's Compostmaster
Fermenter 5000 by GTX Mods
Kastor's Cow an Pig food mixers
Gold nuggets
Extra foliage layers
Choppedstraw by webalizer
No Errors

Mods you should get.
The map has chopped straw by webalizer installed so you could download the control file from the Giant's offical website mods section if you wish to activate it.
The marhu sites stop milk sale placeable mod. Milk sales are at the bakery in the back yard.
Farmer_Andy's Kotte Garrant Universal Tanker mod and a must for the map, again from the website.

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  • Version 1.0.0